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Dancing on Cloud Wedding Perth

Designed to give your first dance or entrance an amazing ‘dancing on clouds’ effect. This effect can really ‘wow’ your guests and both compliments your carefully prepared dance routine or completely disguise the fact you have two left feet.

Using actual dry ice (frozen CO2 gas - not to be confused with low laying fog/smoke machines that leave the venue full of smoke) this effect is temporary and dissipates after a few minutes so there are no irritants in the air or any chance of setting off fire alarms. Hire of this service includes DRY Ice, delivery and operation to your venue all covered by Da Doo Ron Ron. 

Price for this service is $399 - Please note that this service can only be booked in conjunction with a Da Doo Ron Ron DJ package.

If you would like more information or would like to speak to one of our friendly office staff then please contact us on the details below or fill out an enquiry form.

Dancing on Cloud Wedding Perth